The Team

Manmohan Yamasani

CEO & Co-Founder

Manmohan comes with a combined creative and technical experience of more than 20 years working with top companies like SAP, Deloitte, Nous Infosystem as well as UK government bodies like FCO Services, UK Home Office and Ministry of Justice. Linkedin

Dhanu Muddikuppam

Co-Founder & Global Head of Animation

With a career span of more than 17 years, Dhanu has worked with multiple International studios like ILM, MPC, DNEG and Framestone. He has led and Inspired many individuals in the field and strongly believes in sharing his knowledge and experience with young animators. Linkedin

Suresh Guttula

Head of Production

Suresh owns 17+ years of experience as a CG Generalist & Product Manager that includes ground breaking visuals in organizations like Digital Domain and Hues as well as award-winning projects like Spiderman: No Way Home, Black Widow, Loki, X-Men, Life of Pi, to name a few. Linkedin

Anoop Kanakam


A media and entertainment technology expert, Anoop has contributed in developing innovative technical solutions and built engineering teams for global animation and VFX studios. He has worked with award-winning studios including DreamWorks, Rhythm & Hues Studios. Linkedin


Finance Director

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Director of Business Growth & Partnership

Daniel Sapiano who is based in London has joined Viskefi as a part of the business development team. Daniel has over 25 years of experience working in the fields of Advertising, Film & content for some of the largest global post-production and production companies in 4 different countries across 3 continents. Daniel’s vast range of experience in dealing with a diverse range of clients & artists will help us further continue our growth and bring added credentials to an already established team. Linkedin

Gemma Ackerley

Director of Business Growth & Partnership

Gemma is a media expert with over 20 years of experience managing sales and marketing teams and working on a diverse range of production, post production, visual effects projects for television broadcasters, brands, video games and commercials. Linkedin

Kranthi Patlolla

Business Coordinator

An MBA from University of Northampton, Singapore Kranthi is a Computer Science Engineer with multiple Gold Star employee Awards winner. Previously a Senior Risk Management Specialist at Amazon he also completed his Master’s Degree in International Business in Central Lancashire, UK. Linkedin

Anish Mohan

Asset Supervisor

Anish is a VFX artist with over 17 years of cumulative professional experience. His primary areas of expertise include modelling, texturing, and sculpting, and he has worked on feature films and commercials. He has experience working with Rhythm n Hues, Deluxe, and Mill, and he has a bachelor's degree in visual communication. Leading and overseeing a team of 28 artists while creating 400 international commercials has been his career high point. He also received recognition for the great leadership he demonstrated in 2019 at the Mill. Linkedin

Vijay Bhaskar Reddy

Lighting Lead

With over 15 years of experience in the VFX industry he boasts of projects like “Alice in Borderland, Belle, Super Smash Bros, Legends of Oz, Genghis Khan The Movie, Robo 2.0, Lego Scooby Doo, Jungle Book (TV Series), Little Prince and top VFX houses like Digital Frontier (Tokyo, Japan), Tau Films, Xentix Studios, DQ Entertainments and many more.

Raj Kusuma

Animation Supervisor

Raj has worked on numerous feature films, TV shows, and commercials throughout his professional career of more than13 years as a creature animator in London. He has collaborated with well-known studios such as ILM (London), DNEG (London), MPC (London), ILM (Singapore), ANIMAL LOGIC, WETA DIGITAL, Pukeko Pictures, OKtobor Animations, and WETA WORKSHOP. He has also worked on a variety of notable projects, including Jurassic World: Dominion, F9, Jumbo, The Lion King, Transformers: The Last Night, Ready Player One Linkedin

Deepti Gandhi

Lead Rigging Artist

Dipti began her professional career as a modeller and texturer, but she soon discovered that her technical skills in 3D and animation were stronger. She has experience working as a character TD on numerous feature films, television shows, video games, and commercials. Having worked as a rigger for more than 5 years, Dipti has expanded her technical talents by finishing her master's project on the development of a muscle system, which has allowed her to acquire the skills of realistic deformation of muscles on characters. Linkedin

Priya Krishnamurthy

Associate Production Manager

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Mahesh Chander Reddy

Associate Production Manager

Mahesh is a skilled production executive with 11 years of post-production and creative services experience. Prime Focus World, DNEG, ReDefine, Deluxe Media, and MPC are just a few of the notable studios with which he has previously worked. He is employed with Viskefi at the moment as an Associate Line Producer.

Rahul Venugopal K

Compositing Supervisor

Over the past 10 years, Rahul has had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects in a variety of formats including feature films, high-end TV series, TV commercials, and corporate videos. He is an expert in visual effects with a focus on CG environments, look creation, and compositing. He has had the opportunity to work globally in countries like Singapore, India, Bulgaria, Turkey, China, United Kingdom, Canada, and United Arab Emirates because of his enthusiasm for visual effects