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VFX Supervisor


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced and visionary VFX Supervisor who reflects the creative talent and passion for great filmmaking. The VFX Supervisor ensures that the artistís work is created to the quality requested by the client and is consistent with the Project standards. The VFX Supervisor works as a team with the Producer and the Animation Director to lead the crew and get the best work up on the screen.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Recognize the focal point of a shot to tell the overall story and consistently work toward it.
  • Run dailies with the crew in an efficient, professional and clear manner.
  • Partner with Technology, R&D and show supervisors to advise on the optimum technical approach both for immediate show needs and long term facility strategy. You’ll need to be technically versatile enough to comprehend the myriad technical solutions to any one problem.
  • On-set supervision – experience at supervising a shoot for all VFX requirements is desirable
  • Client friendly – able to engage with Directors and Agency creatives from initial meetings through to final delivery
  • Proactive and an excellent communicator
  • Mentor potential supervisor up-and-coming talent.
  • A high-level of commercials-based compositing systems experience


  • Excellent knowledge of Autodesk Flame and Nuke is an advantage
  • Good knowledge of tracking software
  • Ability to demonstrate strong skills in visual storytelling, including shot design, composition, lighting and editing.
  • Ability to manage artists (even those who work outside of your technical specialty) efficiently toward successful final shots.
  • You have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Film or Fine Art or you have gained that experience by working in our industry
  • You have a demonstrable blend of technical and artistic skills, which might include a portfolio demonstrating strong traditional art skills and a reel demonstrating high end Feature Film VFX experience.
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