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FX Artist


Job Description

We are looking for a talented FX Artist with expert level Houdini problem solving skills to join our team to develop and produce high quality FX work that meets the challenges of production deadlines.

Primary Responsibilities

  • The ideal candidate should be able to solve problems and work within a given framework, while creating efficient technical workflow and troubleshooting solutions that meet the guidelines of a given production.
  • Most importantly, one should engage as an enthusiastic team player and follow creative direction to assure all FX efforts achieve their visual target.
  • Work closely with the Lighting Artist and Compositors to ensure all effects will work smoothly within the show pipeline.
  • Explore and recommend new FX techniques and software
  • Organise and attend client meetings, with the ability to lead discussions if need
  • Be creative and proactive in executing and assisting all shots in a sequence
  • Contribute to the department’s FX workflow and pipeline


  • Good level of proficiency with Houdini and Basic Proficiency with Nuke.
  • Good understanding of the mathematical and physical concepts related to Computer Graphics.
  • A good aesthetic eye for effects performance as it relates to storytelling.
  • A solid work ethic and a positive mindset.
  • Rigid body and Particle dynamics and Fluid dynamics and Cloth/vellum simulation
  • Volume modeling, animation and rendering.
  • Procedural geometry/Environment generation
  • Crowd/murmuration/flocking simulation.
  • Fur/hair grooming and simulation.
  • Work productively in a high-pressure environment.
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems proactively and resourcefully.
  • Take direction from the VFX Supervisor, Producer and FX Lead well and implement feedback with a positive attitude.
  • Use VEX and/or Python with proficiency.

The details above provide an outline of the key requirements for candidates to apply for a role in this department. We have a number of job classifications within our artist team structure. These are:

  • Artist
  • Mid Artist
  • Senior Artist

Based on your skills we will assess your suitability for a particular role during the application process.

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