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Surfacing/ Look-dev Artist


Job Description

The Surfacing/ Look-dev Artist creates photo-real textures and materials for hard surface and organic models, environments, and hero creature work. Candidate should have an excellent knowledge of the VFX pipeline and understands the importance of meeting deadlines while producing work of the highest quality.

Key Responsibilities

  • Works independently on defined tasks, but in collaboration with artists and supervisors in modeling, grooming, and lighting during the look development process.
  • Work with Leads CG Supervisor and VFX Supervisor to fulfill the creative vision of the show.
  • Oversee and help optimize shots for rendering.
  • Communicate creative and technical issues effectively
  • Apply changes as requested by Production and Leads.
  • Work within the established pipeline and help the system to develop as well.
  • Respect the quotas as assigned by the production team.
  • Maintain a positive, supportive and collaborative team dynamic.
  • Sharing techniques, reference material and ideas with the team.
  • Communicating with Production and Show lead or Supervisor regarding schedules and deadlines.

Required Skills

  • Should be familiar with Film, Commercial, TV(VFX) production pipeline.
  • Should be proficient in Maya, Mari, Z-brush, Substance painter, Arnold, photoshop and Nuke.
  • Should have keen eyes for details.
  • Ability to learn quickly for any new show requirement.
  • Good interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Able to work with the team and co-operate with other departments.
  • A strong understanding of ACES color space relating to texture painting is plus.
  • Good Understanding of Look-dev to create shaders and materials is plus.
  • Ability to complete tasks within production schedules and deadlines in an organized manner.
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