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Senior Rigger


Job Description

We are looking for a Rigging Lead to help with a variety of exciting projects. You must have a thorough knowledge of animation, rigging and deformation tools currently used in the VFX industry, as well as related cross-pipeline workflows. Reporting to the Head of Rigging, the Rigging Lead should be experienced and passionate about building photo-realistic creatures, develop tools, and have experience in leading/mentoring teams in all aspects of Creature TD work. You will oversee the development and maintenance of the studio’s proprietary rigs and ripping pipeline.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Must be able to communicate and work in collaboration with Design, Animation and Scene Planning Drawing character sketches showing key movements.
  • Creating joints and moving points to rotate and pivot.
  • Creating, testing and maintaining consistency of setups.
  • Ensuring character movements are fluid, free of glitches and believable.
  • Writing MEL scripts to customize tools to specific automated requirements.
  • Working with animators to create user-friendly characters.
  • Following established character setup procedures.
  • Identifying issues and following through with enquiries from the animation team and troubleshooting them.
  • Testing rigs and ensuring they hold up in animation.
  • Maintain good team dynamics.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or similar field;
  • Proven leadership experience;
  • Rigging knowledge ranging from simple props to complicated creatures;
  • Thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to rigging;
  • Deep knowledge in anatomy and muscle dynamics;
  • Good eye for aesthetics of body/face deformations;
  • Object oriented programming design skills;
  • Proficient Python development skills and debugging techniques;
  • Excellent working knowledge of Maya;
  • Experience with Qt, PyQt, PySide;
  • Excellent leadership skills;
  • Technical support focused;
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills;
  • Able to work well in a fast-paced environment;
  • Ability to work under pressure with strict deadlines;
  • Ability to work within a team and with other departments.
  • Previous experience with Games pipeline is a plus.
  • Having 3dx Max and C++ knowledge is an additional advantage.
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